Representative Experience (May include from previous employers)

HIG Capital 33,000 s.f.

South Florida Consolidated Holdings 4,500 s.f.

Uniform Advantage 53,000 s.f.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines 25,000 s.f. (Addition)

Virgin Voyages 60,000 s.f.

Carnival Cruise Lines 44,000 s.f.

ShuDs and Bowen 69,155 s.f.

American Express Latin American HQ 400,000 s.f.

BNY Mellon 12,000 s.f.

Esperante Office Tower Lobby and Skywalk Reno.

Total Bank HQ at Miami Tower 60,000 s.f.

DeVry University Higher Ed & Offices 40,000 s.f.

Wellmax Medical Center in Marlins Mark 14,000 s.f.

Spencer Stuart 5,000 s.f.

GE Digital, Coconut Grove 7,000 s.f.

KLX Aviation Supply 400,000 s.f.

ProColombia International Export Services 7,000 s.f.

HBO La&n America Group 50,000 s.f.

On Board Media 12,000 s.f.

FPL Vault

Hertz Global Headquarters 248,000 s.f.

Archimedean Academy

Inventive Blood Center Cleveland Clinic

    Neurological Cancer Building (143,000 s.f.)

Sheltair Aviation

Miami Children’s Hospital

Lord & Taylor

Royal Caribbean Production Studio

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